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E-Cigarettes Reviews

The more and more I look around I see Ecigs everywhere. The ecigs market has grown so much and It’s here to stay. I have been vaping for over four years and when I first started vaping I felt like I was the only person standing in the smoking section of my work vaping, but now over half of the people are vaping. It’s a great thing to see :)

What type of ecig do you have?

Where do you get your juice?

How much do you pay for your liquid?

What did you pay for your ecig?

I use the cig5 Ego 1100 mah ecig.


Electronic Cigarette

E-cig Leather Case

Electronic Cigarette Leather Case

You can find the ego that I vape at They have been working on their site but you can always contact them via their contact form and get one for your self.